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"Education should learn from the positive side of gaming - reward, accomplishment, and fun"

-Sibastian Thrun

Game development begins with the forming of a concept in mind. It is an art that defines the Design, Development and Release of a game. To create a game that justifies its goals requires right level of skills, knowledge and expertise of its market.

Our Process

From scoping to UI Design to production to testing to deployment to maintenance and support- we take care of the entire Project.

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Planning and understanding

First, we understand what Experience you want to implement and plan the project accordingly.

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Implement UI /UX Design

Then, we design the wire-frame & UI/UX for the experience identified in the planning stage  

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Production & Development

Then, we develop the immersive experience for your business according to the project identified.

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augmented reality company
Testing & Feedback

Then, we perform testing & feedback of the project so we can provide seamless experiences. 

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augmented reality company
Project Completion

Then, we deploy the project and go live for your clients to enjoy the experience in real time.

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augmented reality company
After Sale Support

Finally, we open our after sale support for you and insure the project is always working seamless.

Unity game developer solutions

unity game developers

Educational Games

Creating curriculum based educational games to make classroom fun and more engaging for children.

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Puzzle Games

Creating puzzle games for developing problem solving skills, increasing IQ.

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Augmented Reality

Creating engaging content to superimpose in the real world of the users.

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Shooting Games

creating engaging and entertaining first person shooter games in Unity.

Unity Game Developers

Racing Games

Creating 3D multiplayer racing games that are engaging and full of entertainment.

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Virtual Reality

Take you costumers to a more entertaining and engaging environment through our virtual reality games.

Technology we are using in our game development

The core technology we are using in our game development is the game engine Unity 3D. Our unity game developers are fluent in development and develop very passionately. We also develop games in 2D.

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