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Augmented Reality

Create an experience with our augmented reality app development solutions

Augmented reality has passed its infantile phase and real life experiences based on the technology have taken the world by storm. The foundation of this technology relies upon the object which resides in the real world are enhanced by computer generated perceptual information. At the straight up technologies we help brands, enterprises, digital agencies and businesses to implement Augmented Reality in their working model.

Using this experience you can enable your costumer to virtually experience your product anywhere in the real world.

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AR app development
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Artificial Intelligence

Give an interactive and intelligent experience to your costumers with our Artificial Intelligence app development solutions.

Artificial Intelligence is steadily becoming brain behind technologies we use on daily basis. At straight up technologies we are helping businesses to incorporate intelligent  models which can asses the situations and help you deliver better product to your clients according to their needs.   

Using this technology you can easily asses the needs of your clients in real time basis and act accordingly. 

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Virtual Reality

Engage you costumers with our virtual reality app development solutions.

In contrast to Augmented reality, Virtual reality experience is totally different.  VR is a simulated experiences which using different Virtual reality devices can take your costumers into a simulated world. In this virtual reality word your clients can see your products, use them in a virtual environment and even buy them for use in the real world.  We at Straight up technologies consult, build and deliver virtual reality experience with high range of customization to build your brands visibility. 

Using this technology you can engage your clients to your products or provide a beforehand experience of your brands handiwork. 

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virtual reality app development
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virtual reality app development
Game App Development
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Game Development

We expertise in game development for all genres. Curriculum based game development is our forte.

We develop fun, interactive and entertaining game that have engaging story line, stunning graphics and easy to understand game play. The great thing about curriculum based-game learning is that children are so actively engaged, they can absorb information presented to them without having to complete the tedious, sometimes undesirable tasks that are often required when working on paper-and-pencil textbook assignments 

We develop our games with unity 3d game engine and can deliver them on any platform required. 

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Web Development

Safer, Faster, Easy web solutions

Nowadays, from small businesses to big enterprises everyone having some kind of web solutions is a must. We at straight up technologies design and develop a well functioning website as per requirement of your business model. We can deliver any web solution from one page marketing website to full functioning enterprise solutions. 

More secured, totally responsive, user friendly and amazing features are our key aspects for delivering a top-knotch web solutions.   

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augmented reality company

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