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Things We do

Here are some examples of the type of solutions we are providing to our costumers. Our Digital Immersive experience can change the way your costumers see and interact with your business. The videos shown here are only examples and prototypes once you are associated with us you will get a fully working application. Choose from our wide variety of AR, VR, MR, AI Solutions. To know all about our services click here.  For any query please fill the form below and we will be happy to help.

Buy our services on Fiverr

Now you can buy our basic services from Fiverr. We are on fiverr to make your transaction hassle and tension free. Fiverr will help you to retain your money until the job is done according to your satisfaction. Only simple Game development, AR app/Game Development , Web development services available on Fiverr. For detail services please send us mail on our email id or fill our contact form.

Game Development

Balloon Shooter
(Hyper Casual Game)

A Casual Balloon Shooter Game involving Bow and Arrow.


Hexzer 3.0
(Retro Maze Game)

A Retro Themed Maze Game with unlimited play.


Basic Action Survival Shooter Game

Battle Reign

A Prototype Game Developed for reference. A survival shooter game made with a jungle backdrop with lots of enemies to shoot. 

Curriculum Based Education Game

Stat Adventure

A Game developed for an Education company. The game is curriculum based adventure game which teaches children how to solve statistics in a fun way.

To Know more about Game Development Solution Click Here.

AI Development

Stock Tracker AI Bot

                                                                     (Test Bot)

Live stock tracker bot to give you a basic Idea how the chat bot will be connected to your website. (The stock data are being displayed from INTRINIO website)

Travel Planner Bot

                                                              (Test Bot)

A travel planner bot with minimum response. It is just an example and will not perform any fulfillment as it is not connected to the website. 

To Know more about Artificial Intelligence Solution Click Here.


Augmented Reality (commercial App)

A Augmented Reality App prototype developed in Unity with Vuforia configuration. The app is an example of how Augmented reality can be implemented in real world. The app is semi functional with some AI commands as an example. To Know more about our Augmented Reality Solutions Click Here.

Who we are

We are a boutique augmented reality company with expertise in Game development and Web development. we provide cutting edge engineering solutions to companies and enterprises. So they can untangle complex issues that always emerge during their digital evolution journey.

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