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Who We Are

We are a creative software agency with a passion for development in Augmented reality solutions, Virtual reality Solutions and expertise in Game and Web Development.

Straight up technologies is a Digital Immersive Experience  agency. which provides augmented reality solutions, Virtual reality solutions and expertise in Game and Web development. 

What makes us unique from other digital companies is that we approach every project as an opportunity to deliver unique solutions with sophisticated technologies.

We started The Straight up technologies in 2019 with an idea to combine science, technology and business to build the future.



Our mission at the straight up technologies is to help enterprises and organizations to accelerate the adoption of new technologies and solve complex issues that emerge during digital evolution. whether it is an Augmented reality solution or Game and web development solution, the company leads the process from ideation to delivery and provide ongoing support.

Why are we Exclusive

At the straight up technologies we thrive to deliver cost effective digital solutions. Our every project is coupled with innovation that brings in something extra. We have a can-do attitude, the right skill set to conquer any challenges and the integrity to do the right thing always.

Our Process

From scoping to UI Design to production to testing to deployment to maintenance and support- we take care of the entire Project.

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Planning and understanding

First, we understand what Experience you want to implement and plan the project accordingly.

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augmented reality company
Implement UI /UX Design

Then, we design the wire-frame & UI/UX for the experience identified in the planning stage  

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augmented reality company
Production & Development

Then, we develop the immersive experience for your business according to the project identified.

augmented reality company
augmented reality company
Testing & Feedback

Then, we perform testing & feedback of the project so we can provide seamless experiences. 

augmented reality company
augmented reality company
Project Completion

Then, we deploy the project and go live for your clients to enjoy the experience in real time.

augmented reality company
augmented reality company
After Sale Support

Finally, we open our after sale support for you and insure the project is always working seamless.

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We are always on a lookout for talented individuals